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A message to you.

A message to you.

Baz24th Sep 2008 11:46 pm

The music scene around our parts is getting better. Fact.

Those cheeky chaps the Enemy have put our little city on the map musically of late – and now those 2-Tone rogues The Specials after a near on full reunion at Bestival Festival in September (bar Mr Jerry Dammers) are getting in on it as well.

But it's the electronica, beats and bleeps that this city should be shouting about with equal praise, pride and energy.

Here is my pick of the cream making some beautiful sounds from the area.

The live drum and bass creations of 91DB –

The trip hop experiments of 7th Wave –

Not forgetting the lo-fi beats and bleeps of Tenoclock –

And finally – The Suit, fresh from their appearance at the Big Chill this summer –

Go ahead take a listen. What 'Ghost town'?