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A few funky Flash sites

A few funky Flash sites

Marcus20th Mar 2009 1:58 pm

It's always nice to see Flash used in creative ways. It has the potential to be so much more than an advert banner, or an ill-conceived splash page, but people rarely have the inspiration or inclination to push the boundaries.

This site's worth a look. It's just a personal website, but it belongs to a flash developer & video producer, and it's pretty clever:

Seeing it just now reminded me of Little Howard, a Flash-based cartoon character that I've seen a few times at the Edinburgh Festival, alongside his human side-kick, Big Howard. Their site is different, yet kind-of similar:

Finally, this one's quite old now, but still amusing. Try to ignore the fact that it's a devious promotional gimmick for a large burger chain, and crack on with giving the chicken some instructions to see what you can make him do...!

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