Few in number, plentiful in creativity and passion...

Marcus Pendleton 

Marcus Pendleton

Marcus Pendleton is a web developer who'll quite happily turn his hand to anything internet-based, but in particular he specialises in database-driven, dynamic web sites. He worked in a corporate IT department for more years than he'd like to remember, before escaping in 2006 to join the Kin family.

Whether it's adding a content management system (CMS) to your site, or building a completely bespoke e-commerce solution from scratch, Marcus is your man.

As a keen traveller, Marcus is far more likely to head on a train journey across Mongolia than go on a typical beach holiday. He's also rather fond of live music and comedy, even making an appearance himself in a local Coventry band (the band played a grand total of 4 gigs in 6 months, before going their separate ways!)


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