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Bands at the Dinner Table

Marcus6th Oct 2008 6:25 pm

On special occasions in the studio we treat ourselves to a little light banter, and perhaps even a stifled chuckle, should circumstances permit.

Friday afternoon was one such occasion. For a reason I now can't remember, someone mentioned the legendary artist Napkin Cole. That set us off trying to think of other musical artist names, into which we could shoehorn an item or two from the dinner table.

And so ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, it only seems fair to share a few...

Spandau Buffet
Chesney Forkes
Sonny and Chair
Right Said Bread
Sinead O'Doner
Boys II Menu
The Kaiser Chefs
Jam Bun Jovi
Pizza Andre
Primal Cream
Bakin' Stevens
Elvis Parsley
Bread Zeppelin
Elton Scone
Pitta Gabriel
Chilli Vanilli
Melon Kim
Talking Spreads
Jarvis Cooker
The Frying Pickets
Breville Staples
Tina Tuna
Rolf Haggis
Natalie Irn-Bruglia
Damon Allbran
4 Non Scones
Siouxsie and the Bun Cheese
Cob Dylan
Chilli Joel
Soup Dogg
Lionel Richtea
Starvin Gaye
Spoontown Rats
Sherry & The Plaicemakers
Chis de Burger
Manfred Flan
Alicia Peas
The Buzzcooks
Dr Alpen
Berry Halliwell
Gary Fritter
The Crutons
Atomic Kitchen

You may leave the table.

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