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The Kin Website

Admittedly, it's a little incestuous to feature our own website on here, but it's something that we spent time designing and building, so please forgive us...!

Our primary aim here was to provide a method of showcasing the varied portfolio and skill set of the Kin collective, while enabling the visitor to view a filtered subset of projects by choosing a specific discipline, client or member of the team. On top of that, we wanted a portal-style home page to give easy access to our blog, profiles and contact details.

From an admin point of view, we needed to be able to get new content online quickly. History proves that if it takes too long to update the website, we don't get round to doing it! Consequently, each member of the collective now has their own username and password to log into our custom-built CMS (Content Management System) where they can add and update content via a few very simple web pages.

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